About Us


About Us

Lakhani Campea LLP is a boutique employment law firm located Oakville, Ontario. We specialize in employment law and litigation services encompassing matters such as wrongful dismissal, human rights, labour arbitration, workplace investigations and contract disputes.  We also offer comprehensive workplace training for managers and staff.  We are highly sought-after experts in workplace investigation/workplace audit services related to allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace. Our client base includes individuals as well as various sized organizations, across numerous industries, such as manufacturing, government, school boards, universities, financial services, information technology, construction, healthcare and transportation.


We are value driven.

We don’t strive to be the least cost provider. However, our costs fairly reflect the market value for our particular expertise. Furthermore, our promise to clients is that legal costs will be flexible, transparent, predictable and proportionate to desired outcomes.

We are nimble, responsive,
 and relationship driven.

Our clients’ calls and emails are promptly returned and our services are delivered on time. We will meet clients at their place of business, at no additional cost.

We are business minded
and practical.

As partners in your business, we answer your questions directly and provide the clearest path to achieve desired objectives. Our goal is to have you focused on what your business does best.

We deliver excellence.

Our clients are assured that their interests and legal positions are represented with quality and professionalism.

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