Workplace Investigations


Workplace Investigations

The law expects allegations of employee misconduct in the workplace to be appropriately investigated and documented prior to conclusions being reached.  An employer’s failure to investigate issues of misconduct, or to conduct an investigation that is procedurally fair, unbiased and comprehensive, can lead to significant liability.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and expertise in conducting workplace investigations for large private and public organizations.  We are frequently retained and recommended by other lawyers for our expertise in conducting investigations and making sound legal conclusions and recommendations.

"The law is constantly evolving to protect workers. In recent years, that evolution has included increasing expectations of a workplace that is fair, civil and safe. To achieve those expectations, and avoid liability, employers must have resources to investigate allegations of conflict and discrimination. Wise employers will use a lawyer well versed in employment law and advocacy to do three things: 1) Complete a thorough and competent investigation that makes appropriate credibility assessments; 2) Provide privileged advice to manage liability that may flow from any investigation findings; and 3) Provide practical suggestions to resolve immediate and future workplace conflicts."

– Zaheer Lakhani

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