Labour Relations


Labour Relations

We represent employers in their relationships with trade unions and assist employers in responding to trade union applications to become the exclusive bargaining representative for employees.

The receipt of a union application to certify a workplace can be confusing and stressful for employers to manage. The Ontario Labour Relations Act imposes very tight timeframes for responding to an Application for Certification which, in most cases, cannot be extended.  The Act also poses stringent obligations concerning employer-employee relations following an Application for Certification. Our lawyers help demystify the process for employers, respond to the Application in a timely way and provide the best opportunity to defeat the application.

We assist employers in bargaining collective agreements with trade unions by serving as the employer’s bargaining spokesperson.

We provide cost effective and expert representation to employers in grievance arbitrations concerning alleged violations of a collective agreement.  Where appropriate, we will seek cost effective resolutions of grievances to avoid costly arbitration proceedings.

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